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The Little Space Cadet

When my daughter, Raleigh, was 4 she was learning about space at her preschool she quickly became fasinated. After a day of learning about astronaughts she was playing with her logos and realized that the bucket that held her legos could be an astronaught’s helmet. She put it on and I grabbed my camera and just started snapping away as she became immersed in her cosplay as an astronaught.

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Hanging Lake. Sheer Beauty.

On Labor Day I ventured a little ways past Vail to a little place that is simply stunning. A little place called Hanging Lake in the Glenwood Canyon. This place is quite the little gem for the state of Colorado. Here are a few shots from the quick but difficult hike. The trail head signs weren’t kidding.

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Red Rocks in August

This Labor Day weekend I took a solo trip up to the beloved Red Rocks, after a two year hiatus of not having a car. I do have to say it is really nice to have a vehicle and to be able to venture into the greatness of Colorado. It’s been a long two years. Here’s a few snapshots from a the short jaunt to the almost prehistoric place known as, RED ROCKS.


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