HOSTING 360º Report

My Role

As the Creative Director I created & conceptualized the entire visual communication structures of this report and what is being used in HOSTING’s Customer Portal. The use of the hexagon shape to be used heavily as a way of subtle brand recognition and reenforcement. The hexagon shape has also been used in new conceptual ideas around the public website providing simple concrete ways for the company to craft their ideal lead generation solutions for users to fulfill.

Performance at a Glance

HOSTING 360° Report™ is a free service for HOSTING customers and delivers a level of visibility to cloud performance that has historically been unavailable. Aggregating key performance and operational data – based on ITIL’s five pillars of service design – provides full visibility into the availability, performance, recovery, security and capacity (AppRisk™) of HOSTING’s cloud services.


360° Report Views

360° & The Hexagon Navigation Systems

The hexagon is a brand defined shape based off of the navigational roots of the HOSTING logo. The hexagons are much like the compass rose and the towers of the winds. Giving users only a few choices, not the usual 100 choices. Fewer choices produce more meaningful results.

The hexagon shape also allows the user to have set visual shapes for they’re specific solution, much like the shapes below. This shape is also a intergral part of the HOSTING Customer Portal.

Example Solution Shapes
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Customer Portal Hex Example

360° Solution Overview

Shape recognition process initiated thus laying the foundation of all other visual communication elements regarding their solutions in this report as well as in the HOSTING Customer Portal.

The overview solution was designed to reflect the navigational branding element of a hexagon, HOSTING Brand, giving each specific solution a 360 degree perspective. As the winds of buisness press from on any given direction stakeholders can effectively navigate toward success for their business ventures.

360° Solution Details Deep Dive

The Solution Detail provides a customizable view on a specific solution. Allowing users to dig in and find meaningful and powerful info regarding a specific solution they choose to monitor.

The deep dive provides historical performance data and identifies issues, rewards success, and compares services against peers in similar industries. Additionally gaining granular detail of incidents affecting performance and an explanation of factors influencing the score on that specific solution.

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