I am a brand builder, UX professional, creative director, entrepreneur, envisionator & expert designer with 14 years of experience in opening minds, crafting ideas, shaping designs and building brands.

What people say… about me

A few quotes from some whom I’ve worked with or know personally

“In my opinion, the creative landscape has morphed into a place where it is necessary to be a jack of all trades. No longer is a creative a master of a certain discipline, but a dabbler in all things creative. Taylor is one of very few people that I’ve come across that is a master (not just a dabbler) of so many creative disciplines. I don’t know many people who can bounce between things like coding, designing, video, and strategy with such ease. His knowledge is vast, his skills far surpass most that I know and his passion for the business is endless. It’s inspirational and motivating to work with a person like Taylor.”

– Erin Black | Senior Art Director | Integer

“Taylor is the most technical creative director I have ever met, period.”

– Tony Felice | Senior Digital Strategist | Vladimir Jones
“Taylor is the most creative and skilled designer I’ve ever worked with.”

– Mike Donaldson | Chief Marketing Officer | HOSTING
“Taylor is unlike most of his peers in class. He is like a Ferrari in the classroom. You can push him hard on ideas and he will always respond more than you thought he could or would. 

– Mike Scott | Design Prof. | Westwood College, 2004 (said at my induction to the National Honor Society)

My Skills

Branding - 100%
Print - 100%
Web Design - 100%
HTML - 96%
CSS - 97%
Photography - 94%
Video - 92%
HA Web Devlopment - 70%

Software Knowledge

Photoshop - 100%
Illustrator - 100%
InDesign - 98%
Lightroom - 88%
CSS - 85%
Photography - 85%
Video - 78%

Companys I’ve Worked With

Phoenix Data Security
RagingWire Data Centers
Baldr Contracting & Construction
Highlands Ranch Running Club
XCEL Energy
Barker Design
Denver University – MBA Program
Westwood College
Boulder High School
Alta Colleges
Schaefer Photography

LAN – Lasik Ad Network
Handmade Sunshine
Bicycle Colorado
Hope Haven Rwanda
MT6 Media
Compass Tutoring
Giant Leap Promotions
Madison & Co. Luxury Properties
Larina McClain
Colorado Sports Insider

Valor Symphonics
Beartooth Boards
Candour Photography
Elizabeth Strauss Photography
Freemotion Fitness
Arapahoe Philharmonic
The Academy @ CGC

Impact edVentures
Made Mama
City Presbyterian Church
Belmar Mamas
Adam & Eve Couture
LifeZone Ministries – South Africa
Caleb Resources
Red Card Kids
Adult Family Living